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Mobtaker-Surin Concrete Company is the exclusive representative of cemic micro-cement coating in Iran. Surin Group with experience in participating in international markets and exhibitions and, of course, trade relations with well-known brands in the field of concrete products, along with the successful completion of several prefabricated concrete facade (GRC) projects in the Gulf area. Fars, it was decided to enter the Iranian market exclusively with cemic micro-cement coating, which is one of the most reliable decorative concrete coatings in the Persian Gulf countries, so that according to the consultations, in the near future, with the launch of cemic production line. In Iran, the company will become a cemic export hub in Central Asia and Europe.

Our commitments in cemic

Timely delivery of your project

Pay attention to customer needs

Product warranty with quality guarantee

Free consultation and project visit

High responsibility

The highest quality at the most reasonable price

Cemic Microcement
Cemic Microcement

Our mission in cemic

Use of environmentally friendly materials in the construction industry

Production of quality and durable products

Offering a minimal and popular style

Maximum use of space

Create a hearty and innovative atmosphere

Our perspective on cemic

Expanding the field of activity in all countries of the Persian Gulf

Contract with the best architects and performers in this field

Specialist force training

Cemic Microcement

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