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Exterior micro-cement: Floors that make a difference

In the exterior, micro-cement is known as decorative continuous paving. Roofing that due to its great advantages has increasingly become in the minds of architects and builders as a great alternative to covering outdoor floors such as terraces, patios, porches, gardens, swimming pools and even walls and facades. .

If you are one of those people who used to think that micro-cement is an exclusive cover for interior decoration, reading this article will completely change your impression. By performing toxic fine micro-cement semicircular grade, it is easy to have a uniform and minimal appearance.

Why choose micro-cement for exterior?

There are many reasons why choosing microfiber for the exterior, whether as wall coverings, facades, porches or as outdoor paving is a great idea. In any case, the use of outdoor micro-cement guarantees the creation of an incredible space. Because it forms a coating that has excellent adhesion and is applied on all substrates.  A continuous decorative coating that combines powerful visual beauty with unparalleled performance.

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Here are six key pointers in moving your micro-cement to the outdoors.

1. Execution on all levels

Micro-cement is a continuous coating that is applied directly to any substrate. In other words, there is no need for an expansion joint. This is a great added value that allows the micro-cement to blend in perfectly with the rest of the architectural decorative elements and create a sense of continuity and harmony between all the components. A continuum that can go one step further and act as a link between micro-cement for the exterior and interior of a home or office.

2. Unparalleled resistance of micro-cement to high traffic

The main factor that makes micro-cement famous in the exterior as an alternative to other coatings such as natural or artificial stone, tile, concrete and many others; is the good performance of outdoor micro-cement against high traffic.

3. High resistance of micro-cement against rain and heat

Climatic conditions are a determining factor in the choice of materials used outdoors by architects, decorators and other construction professionals. Cemic grade grout microfiber will not be affected by rain and heat if the principles are implemented properly with the appropriate product.

cemic microcement


4. Antimicrobial properties of micro-cement

The integrity of the micro-cement surface outdoors prevents the growth of fungi, weeds or bacteria, resulting in a clean and tidy atmosphere. In addition, it is a decorative coating that is very easy to clean and requires minimal maintenance and care.

5. Anti-slip flooring

Today, most customers are looking for a non-slip coating material for exterior coatings. So you will be happy to know that semicircular grade micro-cement has this ability and turns the continuous external flooring into a completely non-slip space.

6. Create a durable exterior

Last but not least, the high durability of this product, which is a good coating for walls and floors, and despite the passage of time, maintains its performance at the highest level. In this way, using micro-cement for the exterior, not only a very decorative, delicate and intricate coating is obtained, but also a very durable coating.

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