Acro-cem is a type of resin that provides high mechanical properties for semicircular micro-cement. This water-based polymer is used as a primer, which helps to better implement the CEMIC’s micro-cement coating.

Acrosome, by forming a film with high adhesion and surface tension, causes the connection between the existing surface and the semicircular micro-cement that the formed film has a high resistance in alkaline environments.

It is necessary to use this acrylic primer for micro-cement before applying the cemi-base and then gr-general gr-dor and gr-proof.

 primer acrocem microcement cemic


 Cemic Microcement properties

 Cemic Microcement properties

 Cemic Microcement properties

 رزین پرایمر آکروسم میکروسمنت  سمیک

 Cemic Microcement properties

 Cemic Microcement properties


 Cemic Microcement


How to use:

The surface should be dry, clean and free of grease or oil.

Acro-cem is applied in one layer with a brush, roller or spray.

Stir the product thoroughly until smooth.

Use at a temperature between 5 and 35 degrees Celsius.

Before applying the new layer, let the previous layer dry completely and become semi-transparent in appearance.

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